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Sell Your Whisky
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At Select Whiskies, we pride ourselves on our wide variety of whiskies for sale. In order to provide the best service possible, we are constantly striving to expand our collection. We are engaged in the international whisky community, and have long-standing relationships with like-minded whisky collectors, consumers and connoisseurs looking to sell their whisky.

If you have a rare single malt or collectable blended bottle that you’re looking to part with, sell your whisky to an efficient, friendly and reliable whisky broker like Select Whiskies. We provide reliability, competitive rates and a service you can trust.

Why Sell Your Whisky?

Perhaps you have inherited a collection of whisky. Maybe you have acquired casks as part of a retirement fund. Whichever way this whisky has come into your possession, selling it is the only way to unlock the true financial potential of what could be vintage or rare spirits.

In recent years, whisky has become a valuable commodity, with a bottle of Macallan selling for $628,000 at auction in 2014. Of course, we should all be so lucky to have a bottle that valuable gathering dust in our attics, but there’s every chance you could be sitting on bottles worth significant enough money to have them valued.

Whisky Valuation Guidelines

How it Works

We offer a comprehensive free valuation on your bottles before you sell whisky to us, and once your whisky sells, we only take a 10% commission-far less than competing whisky brokers.

If you’re interested in selling your rare whisky with us, or more information about other buying and selling whisky through a broker, get in contact today.


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Sell Your Whisky

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