Whisky Investment

Whisky Investment

Whisky Investment

Investing in whisky - purchasing the spirit with a view to reselling once its value increases - can be a risky business, as it can be with any other spirit. However, investing in certain valuable types, such as maturing Scotch whisky, can achieve high returns. Indeed, in the ideal scenario, whisky investment can lead to considerable financial gains.

Rare whisky has become increasingly well known as a lucrative alternative investment; while financial markets face instability, certain whisky investments continue growing. This is especially true for investors who have whiskies in their portfolio which are growing increasingly scarce as others are drinking them.

Whiskies don’t always increase in value though. For example, whisky from the Karuizawa distillery rose 75% in value during the first 9 months of 2015 before seeing a decline that progressed into 2016.

Many people use auction houses to begin their collections, although this method often involves the house taking a cut of the purchase price, which can go as high as 25%.

Select Whiskies only take 10%, ensuring that you get a premium return on your whisky investment compared with other retailers.

Investment Tips

Whisky by the bottle or case is a safer investment than whisky casks. This is due to many distilleries being reluctant to let their product go at this early stage in case the quality of the spirit is compromised. Casks need to be managed by professional whisky distillers, so an already-bottled whisky is more likely to be a reliable investment.

Whiskies from closed distilleries, or small-batch editions from bigger distilleries, are worth more than vintage bottles of more widely-available whisky. While these are often worth a lot of money, the changeable nature of the whisky investment marketplace does not guarantee that these distilleries will remain consistently popular with buyers.

Many people interested in investing in whisky use HM Customs & Excise-approved bonded warehouses to store their whisky. This keeps the whisky safe and secure, and means that duty and VAT is only payable when removed.

How to Sell
Your Whisky Investment

Once you have found the opportune moment to sell your whisky investment on, there are a number of options for how to proceed. Selling whisky privately is one method, though it is important to ensure that your collection is going to a legitimate buyer-a concern which surrounds any private purchase of rare spirits.

Auctioning your whisky is another convenient possibility, although there is no guarantee that the highest bidder will be willing to pay as much as your whisky is worth.

Selling your whisky investment to Select Whiskies ensures that your bottle, collection or cask is going to experts, who can not only guarantee the value of your whisky, but give you the fairest price. Our 10% commission is lower than industry standards, leaving you with the maximum return on your whisky investment.

If you’re interested in selling your investment whisky, or having it valued, get in contact today.

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Whisky Investment