Whisky Valuation

Whisky Valuation

Select Whiskies are experts in the field, and we have years of experience in valuing whisky of all brands and blends. With whisky becoming as sought-after an investment opportunity as wine, more and more people are wanting to know the value of their whisky. Of course, like pricing any vintage spirit or product, determining an accurate value of whisky is reliant on a number of factors.

Whisky Valuation Guidelines

How Much is
My Whisky Worth?

Valuing whisky is a complex process which takes a number of crucial aspects into account, including the age, condition and size of the bottle. While these are all easily-discernable facts, there is no set whisky value guide for anyone to use in order to determine how much a bottle is worth.

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Whisky Valuation Guidelines

Whisky is valued using a series of metrics; some of these are simple to detect, and others are best left to the experts:


As with any rare item, the bottle (and the label) itself should be as scratch and blemish-free as possible.


Limited runs of some whiskies are more desirable to collectors than some older mass-produced bottles.


What is the bottle made from? Some limited edition whiskies are sold in ceramic bottles, or different types of glass from standard clear.


The age of a whisky is an easier factor to determine, as the factory marks and label design are likely to have changed over time.

Does Whisky Age
in the Bottle?

Whisky doesn’t mature in the bottle. The age statement listed on a whisky bottle only denotes the age of the youngest whisky that was used in its production. So if your guaranteed-age whisky is listed as being 30 years old, it may contain whisky that’s older, but it will only ever be considered that age (no matter how long you store it).

Unlike wine, as long as your whisky is stored correctly, it will remain in the same condition while unopened.

Valuations for
Whisky Insurance

Even for those who aren’t actively participating in whisky investment, there may come a point when a bottle in their collection becomes extremely valuable. It may also be the case that you’ve amassed a collection of whiskies that have a significant collective value. In these circumstances, you should seriously consider having your whisky insured.

One of the first and most important steps in getting whisky insurance is gaining a comprehensive and accurate valuation from a whisky expert.

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Select Whiskies take into account the current state of the marketplace, and cross-references this with the condition of your bottle to give you some of the fairest rates available to whisky collectors.

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Whisky Valuation